The Law Firm

The Law Firm has its origins in the Office founded in 1945 by Angelo Vidal D’Almeida Ribeiro, keeping a family tradition that lasts for 160 years.

The President of the Bar Association, Almeida Ribeiro, practiced law in a liberal regime, in an informal association with several colleagues, until his election as “Ombudsman”.

In the date of the 60th anniversary of the Office’s foundation, his son and office colleague Angelo D’Almeida Ribeiro, with Roberto da Silveira and António M. dos Santos Vicente, lawyers with a solid individual practice, constituted the Almeida Ribeiro and Associates, Law Firm, institutionalizing in this way the traditional Office.

At the same occasion, the Law Firm constituted a Partnership Agreement with MLA-Menezes, Leite & Associados –Law Firm RL  (Cape Verde), maintaining the existing partnership with the Office Monticelli Breda (Brazil) and ARB Legal-Law Firm RL (Macao)In 2013 the Law Firm constituted a partnership with Area Internacional-Consultants Ltd., in order to assist our Clients in Mozambique.

The increasing demand for rigour and complete satisfaction of its Clients, are values pursued by the professionals that integrate the Firm, which privilege a very personalized contact with each Client.